Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello there everyone! Today we will add some new maps for you! Be ready to explore new battlegrounds! Also, we will soon name the winners of our BLOGSPOT CONTEST! But you still got a chance to win a FREE CREDITS for BEST TOURNAMENT NAME and LIKE PROMOTER! Read PREVIOUS POST to know about the rules of competition!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hello there!
Our new blog for Art Of War 2: Online is up and ready for action!
Soon, we will post a lot of strategies, videos, photos, arts right there!
The popularity of this blog is up to you. you can make it more popular by posting an info about blog on your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages!
The more LIKES you will get by reposting this blog on your page - the more FREE CREDITS you will get in-game.
This offer will be active for a month. By the end of this offer we will choose three best promoters and grant them FREE CREDITS!
You just need to re-post this post to your FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE PLUS pages. And, after it, the more people will LIKE your re-post - the more FREE CREDITS you will get!
Just write links to your page   in comments for this post and we will track, how much LIKES you gain!

Also, we got a first lottery for you!
All you need is to create a cool tournament name and description. We will choose three best names and descriptions and grant FREE CREDITS!

You can post your TOURNAMENT NAME AND DESCRIPTION here, in comments. Also, please, post your in-game NICKNAME!

Good luck!